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Hi, I was wondering if you had anything to say about the lack of representation of female superheroes in children's merchandise (to the point of erasing Natasha from the adaptation of The Avengers!?!) I've just been thinking about it a lot and then I wrote a really long post about it and you seem like the kind of person who would know more about these things than I would so ... I thought I would ask if you ever thought about it. Also I think you're awesome but that's beside the point.
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I went to a comic book convention a year or so ago with the intention of buying some Black Widow merchandise for a blog giveaway, but there was none.  At a comic book convention.  A smallish comic book convention, but still.

You have to understand this goes back to the reasons Disney bought Marvel in the first place.  Like Gail Simone has pointed out, in the wake of the “Young Justice cancelled because too many girls were watching” fiasco, Disney wanted a share of the boys toy market to match the Princess brand’s stranglehold on the girls toy market.  And one of the easy and frequent ways to market to boys is to hang up a no girls allowed sign.

Marketing logic goes like this: if you have a target demographic identified, you spend all your time and $$$ pitching to that demographic, because that is the most efficient way to get returns.  If you do not have a target demographic identified, you identify a target demographic.  And the big population % casualty of this clever logic, not just when it comes to superhero toys but geek culture in general, is women.

When giant boobs and ass pointing the same impossible direction grace all the covers of your comic books, when five year old kids have Hawkeye nerf arrows and Iron Man masks to play with, but not Widow’s bites, it says, hello chums, this is for you.  For you, and not for girls.  Girls games and girls merchandise are kept on special shelves, conveniently colored pink, so they can be bordered off, easily identified.  Comic book costumes for women are made in “sexy” variants, comic book shirts for women tend to say things like “girl power” or “my boyfriend is a superhero” and are kept, in this way, safely in their girly-place. (And why there are shirts like this one that got Greg Rucka so mad.)  It is why, so often, when nerdtypes are troubled by Anita Sarkeesian types or articles like Janelle Asselin’s, they act like something has been taken away from them.  You can’t expect comic books to be made for you, they say.  Comic books are not for you.

Yes, I think about this a lot.  I think about this a lot, and it grows fangs in my mouth, turns my rhetoric vicious. I think about how much money toy companies must have spent to convince the world that action figures and dolls are not the same thing. I think about what it means that we do not have so many Black Widow toys for girls to play with, because superheroes are for boys.  And what it means that we do not have so many Black Widow toys for boys to play with, because boys do not need women to be superheroes.

Further reading, if you’re interested:

Seriously, women make 77 cents to a man’s dollar, but own only 36% as much wealth – and the wealth gap between men and women has widened even as the income gap slowly narrows. Women who never married own 6 percent of the wealth of their bachelor brothers. It gets worse: black and Latino never-married women own a penny for every dollar of wealth controlled by men of their race. And of course, women make up almost two out of three adults living in poverty. Since the capacity to make big political donations is a factor of having disposable wealth, not just income, the wealth gap between men and women is the crucial factor behind the donor gap. That’s the main reason “why women don’t give.”


Source For more facts follow Ultrafacts

So “half a mo’ ” is 45 seconds?












Slow clap for the Buffy fandom

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Let’s show them we exist guys

Always existing ;).


DD > Didio

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think about the concept of a library. that’s one thing that humanity didn’t fuck up. we did a good thing when we made libraries

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Sidney Poitier visiting Tony Curtis & Jack Lemmon on the set of Some Like it Hot (1959)

Great picture - even if only because I never saw their outfits in colour before!


Sidney Poitier visiting Tony Curtis & Jack Lemmon on the set of Some Like it Hot (1959)

Great picture - even if only because I never saw their outfits in colour before!

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So, I was in the car today and saw someone with the license plate “X0DUS3 5”, so I thought it was like Exodus 3:5 and I looked it up, and do you know what it said?

"Do not come any closer"

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Studies from the past year are starting to explain why people who eat dark chocolate tend to have lower levels of heart disease than people who don’t. They’re not better than you — they just have anti-inflammatory bacteria in their guts.

Scientists have known for a while that chocolate has lots of flavonols, naturally occurring flavonoid compounds that have antioxidant properties and reduce the risk of heart disease. But until recently, they weren’t sure just why flavonols were good for you.

Now they know


Dear NBC, 20 years from now I’ll be 58. I don’t actually feel like waiting that long to see bisexual characters.

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Please, list me all of those female architects, scientists and great minds that male architects and scientists ripped off. No, really, I am curious to see all of these female inventors and pioneers you’re speaking of.

Ada Lovelace- Founder of scientific computing, the worlds first computer programmer. Modern computers as we know them wouldnt exist without her innovations.

Queen Seondeok of Silla- Silla was one of the three kingdoms in Korea’s Three Kingdom period and Seondeok was its first reigning Queen. She is well known for setting up the first astronomy tower in Asia and for founding several Buddhist temples.

Cecilia Payne- discovered what the sun was made of. Was then prohibited from publishing her work. Henry Norris Russel republished her work as his own and received all the credit. 

Jocelyn Bell Burnell- Discovered the first pulsar. Anthony Hewish took credit and listed her a non involved assistant, he had nothing to do with the discovery. Not only did he receive all the credit, he received the Nobel prize. 

Lise Meitner- Co-Discovered Nuclear fission and her male colleagues refused to name her in their publication. The men won the Nobel Prize, and received no credit.  

Nettie Stevens- Discovered chromosomes determined sex, when she sent her work to a man for peer review, he published a book of her work passing it off as his own and named her a technician. 

Marie Curie- Noted Nobel prize laureate (first lady to earn 2), discovered radium. Barred from many prestigious male dominated academic organizations like the French Academy due to being a female. She was demonized and attacked by men all her life simply for being superior to men in the field, and men in general. 

Marie Van Brittan Brown- co-invented home security surveillance that is the precursor of home security systems today. You wont hear her name in history class, not only is she a woman, she is a black woman. ERASED by nasty white men LIKE YOU. 

Lucy Terry- Another historical black woman, erased by neo-colonialist white men. This young lady was a teenager when she composed the first known work of literature by an African American person. 

Mary Shelley- Invented science fiction. She literally invented a genre of literature, she was teenager when she wrote her first piece.  across the northern American continent. While she was pregnant.  

Sacagawea- an indigenous american (Lemhi Shoshone) who led Lewis & Clark across the northern American continent. While she was pregnant. Elizabeth Gurley Flynn- feminist, suffragette, civil rights activist, founded the ACLU

Sarah Parker Remond- worked to desegregate schools and end slavery. Also noted physician- but you wont read about her in your white history books because she is black. Its like you white dudes just threw together some shitty fan fiction and called that history. 

Hedy Lamarr- came up with an early technique for spread spectrum communications and frequency hopping, necessary for wireless communication from the pre-computer age to the present day. She invented your wi-fi in addition to being an actress. SUCK IT. 

Vera Rubin- Rejected from Princeton because she was female, went to Cornell instead and discovered dark matter while earning her PhD. Went on to make contributions that your simpleminded white male self couldn’t begin to fathom. 

This list is just a taste of what women have accomplished. Women invented the core technologies that make civilization possible. This is a not a feminist myth, this is what anthropologists KNOW. Women have made those contributions in spite of astonishing hurdles. Hurdles like not being allowed to go to school, or not being allowed to work in an office with men, or join a professional society, or walk on the street, or own property. Hell, some of these women were legally deemed property, a fraction of a human being.

Eleanor of Aquitaine, Queen Catherine the Great, Queen Christina of Sweden, Anacaona of Hispaniola, Hypatia of Athens, Aspasia of Thebes, Dido, Cleopatra, Nefertiti, Nzhinga of Matamba, Joan of Arc, Queen Elizabeth I, Queen Anne Boleyn, Queen Catherine of Spain, Queen Isabella of Castille, Florence Nightingale, Boudicca of the Picts, Hildegard of Bingen, Heloise of Paris, St Theresa of Avila, Theodora of Constantinople, Queen Sybila of Jerusalem, Queen Catherine de Medici, Mirabai of India, Cady Stanton, Margaret Sanger, Harriet Beecher Stowe, Emmeline Pankhurst, Emily Murphy, Rosa Luxembourg, ArchEmpress Maria Theresa of the Austrian-Hungarian Empire


Did you want more? Those are just the ones I could think of off the top of my head.

aww you put in mirabai :)

and of course…from the sciences…rosalind franklin, jocelyn burnell, ester lederburg, LISE MEITNER, mathilde krim, and countless, countless others (did you know that menten of michaelis-menten was a woman?); these are just from the west; this doesn’t count women elsewhere who are trafficked and raped from birth instead of being allowed to explore their potential in the sciences. here’s a list of indian women overshadowed in the sciences. if women’s potential in the sciences were fulfilled and nurtured and credit duly given then it would probably change the world as we know it overnight. 

Of course! Theology was a major area of philosophical study, and from what I read, she was very knowledgeable And any woman who survives three assassination attempts (iirc? I know there was more than just the one) is p badass. Also women have always had a place in the sciences. We were the first computer programmers, telephone technicians and medical professionals (rural women figured out how to prevent smallpox hundreds of years before Germ Theory or the concept of inoculation was a thing). Haven’t died of smallpox recently? You’re welcome. <3 

You ladies are amazing! All this history, our history off the top of your head!image

 Thank you both, this is exactly what I was trying to convey to this ignorant dudebro. Who has yet to respond, btw. 

From Ada Lovelace to Grace Hopper, computers owe everything to women. All six “human computers” working on the famous ENIAC machine were women, and isn’t it funny how people nowadays have some sort of idea of what ENIAC was but not who maintained it?  In fact, computer programming, especially software programming, used to be considered a woman’s jobThey were still paid less than the men who were also in the fieldBut they still did it better.

The first person to crack part of the German Enigma cypher was a woman we only know today as Mrs BB Her solution was dismissed as being too simplistic, though she turned out to be correct.  But we still don’t know her name.  She worked at Bletchley Park, home of the UK’s cryptographers before and during WWII - most of the people working there were women (I’ve seen it as high as estimating 80% women)One of them, Mavis Batey, died a couple weeks ago, in fact.  She decoded the Italian navy Enigma cypher - AT NINETEEN.

Also, to throw in some of my other favorite ladies that I don’t see listed so far: Simone de Beauvoir, Émilie du Châtelet, Princess Elisabeth of the Palantine, Sofia Vasilyevna Kovalevskaya, Emmy Noether…  I could go on and on.  All sorts of brilliant ladies who directly influenced men we cherry pick from history (Voltaire, Sartre, etc.) or whose accomplishments we’ve forgotten despite their value have existed throughout time, everywhere and every place.

Oh look, more erased women who built civilization as we know it! What would women do without men to steal our discoveries and take credit for them? IDK thrive, probably  

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“The fact of the matter is, it doesn’t matter whether or not you think homosexuality is a sin. Let me say that again. It does not matter if you think homosexuality is a sin, or if you think it is simply another expression of human love. It doesn’t matter. Why doesn’t it matter? Because people are dying. Kids are literally killing themselves because they are so tired of being rejected and dehumanized that they feel their only option left is to end their life. As a Youth Pastor, this makes me physically ill. And as a human, it should make you feel the same way. So, I’m through with the debate. When faced with the choice between being theologically correct…as if this is even possible…and being morally responsible, I’ll go with morally responsible every time.”

What You Believe About Homosexuality Doesn’t Matter | Tyler Smither (via lacohan)

I wish I had heard this just ONCE growing up in the church. Just once.

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Hey, SJWs, did you know your made-up word, ableist, completely contradicts the basic rules of linguistics that most people have down at, like, age ten? You see, when you add a suffix beginning with a vowel (IE, -ist) to a word that ends in a silent E (IE, able), you drop the E because it is no longer needed. For example, like + -ing = liking, not likeing.

And no, able is not different just because it ends in LE. Let’s take a word that ends with exactly the same sound, like scale. Scale + -ing = scaling, not scaleing. Therefore, able + -ist = ablist, not ableist. It’s deliciously ironic that people who rail against others ‘insulting’ people partially because of lesser intelligence demonstrate such a lack of intelligence.

"But English grammar rules were invented by white people!" I hear some fragile SJW protesting. So were computers. So was the internet. So was tumblr. If you don’t like utilizing things made by white people, stop using all of those things. LOL.

Hi there. Linguist with a degree here, and I taught English as a Foreign Language at a University. So basically, I’ve spent the last 7 years of my life heavily involved in the field that you’re trying to talk about.

Fuck off, because you know nothing about “basic rules of linguistics”. Those “rules of grammar” they teach in school are stuffy, unnatural and full of bullshit. There’s no logical reason for 99% of the things they tell you in English class, and speaking and writing in such a way is no more superior than not speaking that way. Language just doesn’t work that way. Our brains are much more sophisticated than that and can process incoming and outgoing information in many more forms than that. English grammar rules were created by white people… and many of them were trying to make English more like Latin… but they were dead fucking wrong about the origin of English, and the idea that you need to create and enforce artificial to preserve a language; what they ended up doing was creating the system which marks people who don’t speak this artificial language.

According to Google NGrams, ableist/ableism dates back to psychologists’ works published in 1978 and the following years into the ’80s, before the internet even was brought into academia, let alone into our homes. Besides, all words are “made up”; arguing that a word is stupid because it’s made up is pointless. iPhone? Made up in 2007. Google? 1997. That’s a stupid word. Heterosexual? Made up in the late 1800s, so can’t use that anymore. I? Well, in its current form it’s about 400 years old, but we can track it back to *egóm, which was made up around 4000 years ago. Such a stupid, useless word!

Not to mention, you’re actually wrong. There are plenty of words that keep the -e when adding a suffix starting with a vowel. The bolded words have “silent E” (and you’re wrong, again, as “able” does not have silent E)

  • ageist
  • anteing
  • apeing
  • being
  • bingeing
  • casteism
  • dilettanteism
  • eyeing
  • illeism
  • Janeiteism
  • kamikazeing
  • karateist
  • meism
  • oboeist
  • ogreism
  • Orangeism
  • routeing
  • singeing
  • swingeing
  • sizeist
  • tingeing
  • ukuleleist
  • yuppieism

And that’s not including words with multiple accepted spellings, words that end in <-ee> (eg, decreeing) or words like “theist” that are made of a foreign root + -ist, -ism, etc… Or words with suffixes starting with vowels other than <-i-> (eg, changeable, noticeable, courageous). Those rules from English class are not only bullshit, but even if they were worth their salt, they’d still have tons of exceptions.

Your example of <scale> fails because the <le> doesn’t even function the same way; in one, it lengthens the <a> of a single syllable word, and in the other, it marks that the word is two syllables. One is silent, the other isn’t. (and I don’t think anyone would even make that “scale” argument in the first place)

Oh, and by the way, spelling isn’t grammar. SPELLING ISN’T GRAMMAR. Us linguists really need to get business cards to hand out with that written on them. Everything you know about grammar is wrong.

Your argument that people who “don’t like using white people things” should stop using the internet, tumblr and computers is a pretty weak straw man and you fucking know that that’s not the issue at hand.

Basically, congratulations: you’ve made the most poorly thought out argument for “rules of linguistics” that I’ve ever seen.

::slow clap::